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Katrina Mitchell
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At sign up, select your package! YES, you do have the option to get affordable bundle deals, but they are not mandatory.

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Kit Options

The $19.99 Starter Kit

Jump start your business with an amazing sampling of our products, as well as guide books, and information on how to start your business! Every new Beauty Influencer gets one!

Optional Kit Add-Ons

These kits are optional, but are a great way to jump-start your business!

Below are kit options that you can add on at sign-up! The value of each is at least double, so I highly recommend them! You can also sign up using Klarna (from the app store, see if you qualify), which allows you to split up your payments for the kit into 4 payments.

Many of our new Beauty Influencers choose the $125 kit.

Why? Because on top of over $333 worth of product for only $125, you'll also get your 1st Rank automatically & you will earn your first month's FREE PRODUCT which you can earn for up to 4 months! Plus you will get a 3% bonus on your GV (Group Volume) as well as your PV (Personal Volume)... overall, it's a huge leg up for a brand new business!

Not sure which one to choose? I would be happy to talk through the options to select the best choice for your business!

Compensation Plan

Rxbeauties Opportunity Event

Attend a messenger event (that's right .. NO ZOOM CALLS OR VIDEO CHATS) for only 30 mins! I will answer any of your questions, show you some of the products, & what comes in the kit you will get! 

Why I signed up to be a Beauty Influencer...

Get exclusive training

to help you succeed!

We are ready to help you start your business with all of the tips, tools, & tools from myself & other top leaders!

We have an eclusive training program that will help step-by-step from the day you sign up from Day one to grow to the top!

We also have a sister community that focuses on mindset & building blocks to build a successful LIFE around our business!

What kind of training will you get?

Training Details

As soon as you sign up, I will make a graphic to announce you becoming a beauty influencer! I will also add you to our exclusive Facebook training group as well where we will start your journey!

In the group, we have video trainings, material, and one-on-one help available to you daily. It's an amazing place for all of our team's boss babes to gather and share their best secrets to success!

We're serious about growing our businesses & it's not easy work! But if you put in the time to treat this like a business and get down the WHY you want to succeed, amazing things will come your way!

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